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Welcome to Class 3CV - Mrs Elissa Clay and Mrs Caroline Vaughan

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all our parents, guardians and of course our SUPER students who will be part of 3CV for 2023.

Mrs Clay will be teaching 3CV Mondays-Wednesdays and Mrs Vaughan Thursday-Friday. In our class we have 28 students made up of 16 boys and 11 girls. Our classroom is room 9.

Our weekly timetable for Term 1 looks as follows:




RFF Mrs Maroney


RFF Mrs Maroney


Library Day

Friday – wear sports uniform


Homework due back

Assembly (odd weeks)

Our goal is to work carefully with your child to help them achieve their best academically, physically, creatively and socially. We will particularly be focused on building independence, resilience and risk taking when learning. I encourage students to ask questions, be curious and embrace their mistakes as they are a sign of learning.

Students are encouraged to develop good self-management skills by taking responsibility for their own belongings. This includes making sure they come to school each day prepared for learning, returning Library books on correct days and completing all homework. It is their job to look after their equipment (stationery), lunchbox, drink bottle, jumper and hat, so please make sure these are clearly labelled.

If you have any concerns, please reach out via the Sentral Parent Portal. If you need to change home travel arrangements on any day, please notify the Office (Ph: 4352 1116) as I don’t always get time to read messages throughout the day during teaching time.

We are looking forward to a great 2023 with the students in 3CV.

Mrs Clay & Mrs Vaughan