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‘It takes a village to raise a child’

Our class is a Stage 3 composite class made up in of 12 Year 5 and 14 year 6 students. We have spent the first few weeks getting to know each other and building our class culture. We have also decided to identify ourselves with an animal to represent us. As a class we voted and decided on the goanna. The goanna’s attributes are strength, patience, resilience and stillness, all qualities we as a class hope to strive for. 

I believe a student’s success is a culmination of a shared goal between the student, their family, their teacher and their school and I look forward to working with you and your child, to ensure they thrive, succeed and achieve their personal best.

Here’s to a very exciting and productive year with the goannas.  

5/6 I (goannas) timetable 
Tuesday: Technology session with Mrs Bevan.  
Tuesday: Scripture  
Wednesday: Term 1-Sport. Students are required to wear their sports uniform on a Friday. 
Thursday: Library with Mrs Duke. Students are encouraged to bring their library bag every Thursday to return and borrow new books. 
Friday: PE.  
Friday: Assembly (even weeks) 
Fruit Break: Each morning we have a yarning circle (check in meeting), fruit break is during this session. Please include a piece of fruit that is easy to eat in your child’s lunch box each day. 
Homework: Students will be given weekly homework that includes their spelling words and maths activities. Homework is set to consolidate the learning in the classroom. Students are also strongly encouraged to read for 10 minutes every night. Homework will be kept in their folders and will be handed out on Monday’s and returned for marking on Friday’s. Please also reinforce with your child that they can approach me for assistance throughout the week if they are having difficulty with homework tasks. 
BYOD: In 5/6 I we will be taking advantage of technology throughout the week and students are encouraged to bring in their own device. The frequent use of technology opens many avenues for learning and assists in developing the skills that are essential for high school and future employment. 
Class incentives: We have set up a DOJO reward system where students are acknowledged for their attitude and efforts in class. These points are accumulated, to which they can shop from a Dojo menu on week 10 of each term. During term 1 I will be making good news calls home for those students who are meeting all expectations. There are also various incentives to encourage students to work as part of a team and follow the school’s core values of Respect, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience. 
Absences: When your child returns from any form of absence, please ensure that a written note of explanation or an online submission is given upon return to school. This is a legal requirement. 
Parent communication: 
In 5/6 I our main source of communication is through our Class Dojo. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can make an appointment by leaving a message with the office, sending a note with your child or contacting me via Class Dojo. 
Thank you, 
Mrs Ingram