Tuggerah Public School

Help each other

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Sport – Tuesday.  Children wear sports uniform, joggers and hat.

Library – Wednesday.  Please bring a library bag for borrowing.

PE activities - Monday & Friday (joggers not necessary)

Interviews with parents/carers

During the year I am happy to discuss any matters concerning the progress or development of your child, however I have meetings on Friday mornings and Wednesday afternoons, plus other unspecified times when Teams meet.  Other days are okay so please just send me in a note or feel free to ring the school office and leave a message, or Dojo message, to make an appointment.  Meetings can happen on site outside. Alternatively, I am happy to talk to you over the phone if appropriate.

Arriving at school

It is important for your child to arrive at school on time as significant information is given at the start of the day.  Furthermore, it is disruptive to other students and to the first lesson of the day when children arrive late to class and miss instructions.

Fresh Fruit Break

Please supply something easy for your child to manage themselves in a 5 minute quick break. Some suggestions are cut up/sliced fresh fruit and vegetables such as orange, apple, watermelon, pear, carrot sticks, celery, grapes, banana etc. Please note: Apples, pears and oranges must be cut, otherwise they are not finished during this time and are better left for recess/lunch.  Similarly, other snacks like yoghurt and packaged fruit tubs, sticks and bars are not included in this break but may be eaten later in the day.


Traditionally, Homework is given on Mondays, ideally a little to be completed each night, and returned on Friday morning. It is consolidating work introduced in class and shouldn’t be a painstaking job! This year any unfinished class work may be sent home overnight for completion (please ensure the book is returned the next day). About 15 minutes is the expected amount of time to be spent on homework each evening, plus 15-20 minutes of oral reading, with questioning by the parent/carer about what’s just been read.   

If your child is absent they can catch up on homework at home as we set a booklet for the term.  If your child is experiencing difficulty or there are any problems with completing the homework please let me know or encourage your child to ask me for help before Friday. A message from you on the section is ok, I’ll see it when I mark homework sheets on Fridays.

Homework usually consists of learning spelling sounds and reading to an adult supervisor.  Some general Maths work or mentals can be included.  Daily oral reading practice is essential. Please sign the reading card and return on Fridays. Your child needs to change the reader daily (unless reading a continuing chapter book).  Home readers are available from the classroom and should be borrowed regularly. At least 15 minutes every day is required for improvement.

In addition, to promote our school’s core values, children are encouraged to contribute at home in a variety of ways. This may be cleaning their room, helping with housework, gardening, washing cars, odd jobs, clearing the table/dishwasher etc. Check out Michael Carr-Gregg’s milestone job lists for children, you may be surprised!


When your child returns from any form of absence please ensure that a simple written note of explanation or an online submission is given upon return to schoolThis is a legal requirement. Please clearly state the reason, otherwise an ‘unexplained’ status is recorded. After 2 days a Doctor’s certificate is required. Still current practice is when Covid tested, please keep your child at home until no flu-like symptoms are evident for 3 days. Please also be aware and consider that little bugs travel very quickly around classrooms.

Student Requirements

Please make sure your child has a hat every day!

Fruit/Vegie break occurs at about 9am and fruit that is quick and easy to eat is all that is sufficient. This is not their recess.

Lead pencils and an eraser are required every day.

Effort Brings Success

It is important to support your child’s effort on a daily basis.  In Kookaburra Class we strive for Quality Work – for each student to do their best regularly and learn good work habits that will be beneficial throughout life, creating opportunities for success.  Mistakes are a valuable part of learning and like you, I encourage your child to remain positive, build resilience, and to continue trying, when they make a mistake. 

Ask your child what was the BEST thing about the day, rather than having a focus on negatives.

Please access the TPS Newsletter every fortnight; this has all the important information you need, plus copies of all notes sent home to download if you require a replacement.

Please let me know if you can not access Kookaburra Class Dojo. A note has been sent home with access details. If you have received a 2021 Welcome message from me, you’re on!

Thank you for your continued support,

Kathryn Drew