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Release from Face to Face (RFF) Teachers



Mrs Jody Beven

My role at Tuggerah Public this year is Technology Teacher, which comprises of teaching RFF classes, team teaching technology, running specialised programs and working with the school’s communication team.

As computer skills was recognised as a priority area for our students this year, some of the teachers' release from face to face (RFF) time will be spent on Technology. Our focus will be teaching basic computer operational skills (word processing, computer functions, emailing etc), working on increasing student typing speed and accuracy through typing.com and introducing students to basic coding skills. I will be introducing and developing new skills each week which will include a homework activity which will be assigned through Google Classroom. Students will be able to access these activities for free at home.

All stage 3 students are required to bring and use their BYOD laptops to develop these skills. Students who forget their BYOD on days they are with me will be required to share a school laptop 1 between 2. Students are asked to ensure their BYOD is charged and functioning on the school network.

This year I will be introducing students to new technology such as, 3D printing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Robotics,  Coding, Adobe Creative Suite, Filmmaking using GreenScreen technology and Stop-Motion animation..

My role also includes running specialised programs such as Coding Club, Robotics Club, mentoring students to be School Photographer, running NAPLAN and other online testing environments and updating the school’s social media platforms showcasing our students’ achievements.

I look forward to teaching our students this year and watching their eyes light when they see their achievements come to life through the use of technology.

Carolyn Vaughan

My name is Caroline Vaughan and this term I will be the RFF teacher for K-2. I will be teaching History & Technology to these classes.

In History, with Stage 1, we will be learning about, how technologies have changed over time. You may wish to engage in conversation with your child by telling them the types of technologies that were available to you when you were young, compared to now.

Early Stage 1 will be continuing last term's program about, Family Heritage. 

In Technology, Stage 1 are learning the functions of a keyboard, touch typing, cyber safety, Microsoft Office and accessing various educational programs. 

The Early Stage 1 students will be accessing the laptops for the first time, learning how to login and access Reading Eggs. 

I look forward to a fun and exciting Term of learning!

Caroline Vaughan