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Hello and welcome to Class Yara, with Miss Liddle! The word ‘yara’ is a term that originates from the 250 Aboriginal languages which exist in Australia. ‘Yara’ means gumtree. Yara is a Stage 2 composite class with Year 3 and 4. Yara consists of 11 Year 3 students and 13 Year 4 students.

Expected Academic Behaviours

  •  They show up ready to learn to all classes
  • They come prepared with all necessary supplies, homework, books or anything required to succeed in class
  • They show our schools core values of Respect, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience
  • They S.L.A.N.T.

                       o    S – Sit forward

                       o    L – Listen

                       o    A – Ask Questions

                       o    N – Nod along with the speaker

                       o    T – Track the Speaker

Days to remember

  • Crunch and Sip: Each morning we have fruit break at 9am.  Please include a piece of fruit in your child’s lunch box each day.
  • Homework: Homework will be given out on a regular basis and will include a consolidation of skills and content learnt in the classroom. Students are expected to complete these activities and bring them back to be marked.
  • Scripture: Scripture is every Tuesday from 12:30-1pm. Students may go to a different classroom for scripture, depending on what you have indicated as your choice on their enrolment form.
  • Assembly: Primary assembly is now on Friday at 2:20pm every fortnight (odd week). These will continue to be Virtual for now.
  • Library with Mrs Duke: Library is on Friday morning from 9-10am. Students are encouraged to bring their library bag to return and borrow new books each week.
  • Sport: Sport will be every Tuesday. Students are required to wear their sport uniform.
  • Technology with Ms Murphy: Ms Murphy will be teaching an exciting technology program to Magar each Friday.

We have a very exciting and productive year ahead and I look forward to working with you and your child, to ensure they succeed and achieve their personal best. If you have any questions please contact me via Class Dojo or by ringing the school to make an appointment.

Miss Elissa Liddle