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Best Start program

The Best Start Kindergarten assessment program takes place in Term 1 for all students starting school.

What is the Best Start Kindergarten assessment?

Children come to school with different levels of literacy and numeracy. Some are familiar with books, can recognise some letters, even write their name or count to ten, while others have not yet learned these skills.

Our Kindergarten teachers have always observed their new students and used different methods to find out what each child knows and can do so that they can plan and teach what their students need to learn next.

Our school takes part in Best Start developed by early learning experts in the Department of Education and Training. Best Start gives our teachers, and those teaching Kindergarten across New South Wales, a common set of high quality assessment tools and professional training. We believe that Best Start will build on the strengths of our teachers and give your child an even better start to school.

Your child and the Best Start Kindergarten assessment

It is very important to emphasise that the Best Start Kindergarten assessment is not a test. Its purpose is to help the teacher gather information to guide the teaching of your child.

The teacher will observe each child and use tasks, such as talking about a book that has been read, and record what their students know and can do. The teaching of your child will be based on the information gathered in these ways.

You will be given feedback about what your child’s teacher has learned about your child, which you are welcome to discuss if you wish, in keeping with our usual practice.

What is being assessed?

The teacher will look at your child’s early reading and writing, their ability to communicate with others, and how they recognise and work with numbers, groups and patterns.

Tuggerah Public School is investing in the best possible start for your child’s education.

More Information about Best Start Kindergarten assessment is available in the documents below:

The Best Start Lighthouse Project

The Best Start Lighthouse Project will celebrate and connect those schools that are making significant and sustained progress in student achievement in the early years of schooling.

The goal for the project is for the Lighthouse schools to network with other schools that have similar backgrounds and challenges, in order to share successful strategies for improving student early learning in literacy and numeracy.  The successful lighthouse schools:

  • use research-based strategies during large blocks of uninterrupted learning time for literacy and numeracy instruction.

  • Demonstrate strong student performance across the early years of schooling as seen in their National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) data.

  • Possess a clear focus on student learning and performance.

  • Examine and analyse data to help bridge the gap for specific groups of students.

Lighthouse schools will be supported to:

  • showcase literacy and numeracy teaching programs
  • participate and lead in discussion groups with communities of schools
  • trial and refine new classroom practices.

Kindergarten - Year 4 Initiatives Unit will be responsible through regional Best Start consultants and literacy and numeracy leaders for the coordination of the project.

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