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About our school

Tuggerah Public School shares its rich heritage with modern facilities in a pleasant bushland environment. The school is a community resource devoted to preparing children to become happy, functional and responsible members of a changing, democratic and multi-cultural society.

The school’s motto, ‘Help Each Other’ reflects the strong family ethos which has continued despite rapid growth.

Education is promoted within the context of a caring learning community by:

  • valuing children as individuals
  • maintaining a nurturing environment conducive to the achievement of student learning outcomes in both academic and personal development areas
  • being an integral part of the community.

A school is only as good as the sum total of its parts and those parts which make up Tuggerah Public School are the reason for the high quality of the school and its achievements. 440 children from a wide variety of cultural and social backgrounds all contribute to the daily life of the school. While all appreciate being treated as individuals, a real sense of family and teamwork prevails.

The teaching and support staff members are truly dedicated people who obviously have the best interests of the children at heart. Their work above and beyond the call of duty is greatly appreciated.

The school executive plays an immensely important role in keeping the wheels turning smoothly. They ensure that teaching and learning programs are of the highest quality and that the welfare of your children is of paramount importance.

The active support of the parent body is of great value in many areas of school life whether it be volunteering to help in the classroom or canteen or getting involved in school governance matters through the parents and citizens association (P&C) and school council. The school could not operate effectively without this assistance.

The school facilities are a combination of the new and the old with modern buildings and demountables sharing a pleasant bushland setting with the original “heritage building”. The original classrooms, the heritage building, provide space for a technology room, a before and after school care facility and community activities. An excellent hall, library and computer laboratory add to the high quality facilities.

The wider Tuggerah community has been very supportive of our school with many businesses helping either financially or with the donation of goods for fundraising or general school use. The help of the community is appreciated. 

All of these factors contribute to make Tuggerah Public School the caring learning community that it is.

Tuggerah Public School’s ethos reflects the school’s commitment to providing a dynamic learning environment where staff and parents help students to:

  • feel happy and secure
  • enjoy learning
  • strive to reach their potential
  • experience success
  • care for themselves, others and the environment.

We are indeed fortunate to have a caring and dedicated school community working with the common aim of providing the best possible learning environment and opportunities for the 440 students from Kindergarten to Year 6.