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Roles and Responsibility

Role Description-Learning Support Teacher

The Learning and Support Teacher will, through the school’s learning and support team, provide direct and timely specialist assistance to students in regular classes with additional learning and support needs and their teachers. Many of these students come from diverse cultural, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Role Description-Technology Teacher

The Technology Teacher will conduct lessons in a team teaching manner with the regular classroom teacher. The Technology Teacher will teach students and teachers how to use various robotics, claymations, Green Screen movie making and futures technologies. The Technology Teacher is also accountable to the Principal for the provision of technological advances, programs and experiences. 

Role Description-SLSO

Under the supervision and direction of a teacher a school learning support officer (SLSO), in respect of students enrolled in special schools and classes, is responsible to the Principal and  Deputy Principal for:

  • Providing assistance to school routines
  • Classroom activities and the care and management of students with disabilities and behaviour disorders.

The SLSO is required to assist teachers in school and community settings in:

  • The implementation of individual education programs and individual behaviour programs
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop social skills
  • The development, implementation and evaluation of individual education programs
  • Extra curricula activities and programs
  • Supervision and accompanying students on some excursions
  • Escorting students around the school
  • Assisting teachers in the classrooms and other activities
  • Monitoring (i.e. checking, observing and recording) student behaviour when teachers are periodically absent from the room or working with other children

Role Description – Gender Cohort Advisors

Gender Cohort Advisors provide support and assistance to students in time of conflict and resolution. They will also liaise with staff to gather information regarding gender cohort and then implement strategies of support and guidance. The Gender Cohort Advisors will also refer students to and attend Learning and Support Meetings for appropriate referrals. The Stage 3 Gender Cohort Advisors will also assist with Transition to High School issues and anxieties. 

Role Description – Student Wellbeing Support Worker

The Student Wellbeing Support Worker (SWSW) will work as part of the Student Wellbeing Team (Principals and School Counsellor) and under the leadership of K-6 executive team.

BASIC RESPONSIBILITY: In collaboration with the Tuggerah Public School, the role will work closely with, and/or as part of the school wellbeing committee or team to plan for and deliver student resilience and wellbeing services