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School history

Tuggerah Public School was opened in January 1892. It cost $45 to build the original one room building. The original site for the school was halfway between the present site and Burbank Nursery. By 1895 the school had moved to the present site.

Tuggerah Public School was a one teacher school for much of the time up until the 1960's when numbers stabilised and a second teacher came to teach at the school. When classes began in January 1892 there was one class with an enrolment of 27. Compare that to an enrolment of 440 children and 17 classes at the start of 2006.

The most significant event in the history of Tuggerah Public School was the development of the Woodbury Park housing estate and Westfield. The influx of new students very quickly outgrew the school buildings. 10 permanent classrooms and a large library were built in the year 2000. The school continued to grow and 7 demountable classrooms have been added to accommodate the increased number of students. 

The Heritage building as it is now known was built in 1898 when a falling tree damaged the previous building.

A pupil from the early 1900's remembered that the school had two classrooms, with the verandah fronting the length of the school. Centred on the verandah was the hat and bag cloakroom.

Over the years, the building was renovated and modified including closing in the verandah. The Heritage building has been used for many purposes during it's life, including as a hospice for returned servicemen during World War 1. It is currently used by community groups and a playgroup.