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Uniform shop

Our current uniform shop is P&C based, it is run by volunteers and all profits are returned to the P&C.

The Uniform Shop has the essential role of providing the school community with a centralised base from which they can purchase the uniform essentials at a reasonable, subsidised price. Our school sports shirt (with House colours) and all other items of clothing (including hats) with our school logo, are only available through the Uniform Shop, and are not available at Lowes or any other store.

The school community can purchase their uniforms in a number of different ways, visiting us during the opening times, sending an order to school with their child or emailing an order through to our email address (uniformshop.tps@gmail.com).

You can download and print out our uniform shop order form from this webpage. Order forms are also available from the school office. (Each family receives an order form at the commencement of the year).

To submit a uniform order, please download and fill out our order form.

Orders should be returned to the school with the correct money in a sealed envelope marked "UNIFORM SHOP", and should include the child's name, class and contact phone number. Notification that your order is ready to be collected will be sent home with your child.

Payments can be made either by cash, cheque or EFTPOS with credit card facilities available. (Please note eftpos attracts a $1.00 surcharge and cheques should be made out to "Tuggerah Public Uniform Shop").

Here at the Uniform Shop we aim to provide the school community with a stress free, easily accessible way of ensuring our students present in the best possible manner.

Opening hours

Thursday 8.30 - 9.15 am

After hours

Additional trading hours will operate throughout the year, for example at the beginning of each school year, Orientation Day, during Kindy Start and also at the commencement of each new season.

Uniform policy

It is a school policy that every child will attend school each day in correct school uniform. The reasons for this are:

  • Wearing a uniform engenders pride in one’s school.
  • Children all wear good quality clothing purchased at a reasonable price.
  • Competition in wearing the latest fashion is removed.
  • Children are readily recognised as coming from their school.

To read the entire uniform policy, download and view our Uniform Policy

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