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Welcome to 3/4BD: 2024

Class Teachers: Mrs Brown (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Drew (Thursday and Fridays)

Welcome to class 3/4BD. We have a ‘Space’ theme for our classroom this year and our motto is ’Reach for the Stars’. We have weekly classroom helpers called ‘Astronauts’ and we are incorporating this theme into various areas and widening the student’s view of the world around them.

Our class is a Stage 2 class with 10 Year 3 students and 16 Year 4 students.

We have set up a DOJO reward system where students are acknowledged for their excellent work in various fields. These points are accumulated and help them achieve their Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards each term. Our class also celebrates student achievement and our school’s core values of Respect, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience through our Table point reward system, House points and Thumbs up tokens. They are also encouraged to work well as part of a team meet our class expectations which are to:

·         Develop independence and self confidence

·         Be respectful and friendly (Raise your hand to speak, listen and follow directions)

·         ENGAGE in learning (Be prepared and do your best)

·         Be flexible

·         EMBRACE mistakes and challenges

·         Help each other

·         Be mindful of the Environment

This is an exciting year with the implementation of the new Mathematics and English curriculum. As a class we are focusing on Growth Mindset as well as realistic Goal Setting and the ability to approach each task with optimism and problem solving skills without fear of failure. The students have begun the school year with an amazing attitude and we are so excited for the journey ahead.

Class Timetable:


- RFF: Technology with Mrs Beven (9.00-10.00am)                   

- RFF: PD/Health with Mrs Drew (11.30am-12.00pm)

- Scripture (12.30-1.00pm)


-  Library (11.30am-12.00pm)



- Sport: Wear hat, joggers and sport uniform (10.00-11.00am)

- Assembly: Odd Weeks (2.15-2.55pm)

We are excited for an amazing year of learning with all of the students. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or concerns via email or by calling the school’s front office.

Mrs Brown and Mrs Drew