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Welcome to your child’s first year of school! I’m really excited to be Kindy Green’s teacher this year. The children have settled in well and are learning the new routines of school. Below is some information that may help you plan your child’s week to ensure we all have a successful year at school.

  • Library – Library day is Monday with Mrs Duke. Students are encouraged to bring their labelled library bag every Monday and borrow books to enjoy at home. These books will be required to be returned the following week.
  • RFF – RFF is a period of time when the classroom teacher is relieved from face to face teaching to complete programming, testing etc. Kinder Green will have 90 minutes with Mrs Pont on a Tuesday afternoon, where they will be learning History and Music.
  • Sport – Kindergarten have sport together at 9:15am on a Friday. Please ensure that your child is wearing their sports uniform, has appropriate footwear on, brings their hat and water bottle.
  • Scripture/ethics/non-scripture – On a Tuesday the whole school participates in scripture, ethics or non-scripture classes for 30 minutes.
  • Personal belongings – Please ensure that all of your children’s belongings are clearly labelled. As student learn to become increasingly independent in kindergarten, things often get lost. It is much easier for these items to return home if they are labelled.
  • Spare clothes – Kindergarten is a year of change for your children and even children who have toilet trained for years can often have toileting accidents. Please pack a spare change of clothes for your child so that we can help them deal with the accident in a respectful and discreet way.
  • Class dojo – You will be able to contact me directly through Class Dojo. It is essential that if a message is urgent, that you call the school office on 43521116 and the message will be passed on.
  • Fruit break – Each morning at 9am we have fruit break. Please pack your child a small piece of fruit or some vegetables to eat during this time.  
  • Absences – Please ensure that a note (stating the reason for being away) is sent with your child to school when they return from an absence.

I’m really looking forward to working with Kindy Green and their families this year. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything.

Ms Richards